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Transformative Sustainability Initiatives Propel Teerthanker Mahaveer University to Environmental Leadership

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, December 16: As the global call for sustainable development intensifies, acknowledging the imperative need for environmentally responsible practices becomes paramount. Teerthanker Mahaveer University, recognising the urgency of this demand, continues to make significant strides towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious campus, thereby affirming its commitment to a greener future. With a strong dedication to responsible practices, TMU has achieved several milestones and introduced initiatives that align the University’s vision with The Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Solar-Powered Success-

TMU proudly announces the successful installation of solar plants, which is 80% of the sanctioned load. Focusing on renewables has helped in reducing 5,404 tons of CO2 to date, which is equivalent to 7,400 trees planted. This noteworthy milestone underscores the university’s commitment to diminishing its carbon footprint and embracing sustainable, renewable energy sources.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Excellence-

In a groundbreaking move, TMU establishes itself as a water-efficient campus by achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). This accomplishment reflects its dedication to responsible water practices, ensuring water resources are managed efficiently and sustainably.

Circular Water Management-

TMU takes a bold step towards a water-resilient future by committing to 100% water reuse. Embodying circular water management, an innovative approach to water management that mimics the natural water cycle by closing the loop on water use and reducing waste, the university is actively contributing to water conservation efforts and setting a precedent for responsible water usage.

Sustainable Transportation Advocacy-

Encouraging sustainable transportation, TMU actively promotes bicycle usage, and e-rickshaws, and restricts the entry of automobiles on its campus. These initiatives aim to reduce the carbon footprint associated with commuting, fostering a healthier environment and encouraging eco-friendly lifestyle choices among the university community.

Championing Eco-Lighting-

At TMU, sustainability is a guiding principle. The entire campus is illuminated by energy-efficient LED Tubelights, minimizing the carbon footprint. Demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility, the University chooses LED technology over traditional bulbs, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Pedestrian-Friendly Campus-

Advocating for a safe and enjoyable campus experience, TMU prioritizes pedestrian-friendly pathways. This initiative enhances safety, promotes physical well-being, and contributes to a vibrant and accessible university environment.

Environmental Engagement Initiatives-

TMU actively engages in environmental initiatives, including tree planting and rainwater harvesting. The university encourages students, faculty, and staff to participate in these activities, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and community involvement.

Hygiene and Sustainability-

The University also places a strong emphasis on hygiene through regular sanitation, effective waste management, and cleanliness measures. These initiatives contribute to creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone on campus.

Lush Greenery for Well-Being-

TMU’s commitment to environmental aesthetics is evident in the lush greenery that graces its campus. This not only promotes a relaxing atmosphere but also contributes to the overall well-being of the university community.

“The University remains dedicated to pioneering sustainable practices, and these accomplishments reflect its role as a leader in environmental responsibility within its landscape. Encouraging collaboration and engagement, TMU is actively shaping a more sustainable and resilient future”, said Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Senior Engineer, Construction, Electricity and Maintenance Department, TMU Moradabad. 

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