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Amit Khanna Unveils “Corporate Circus”: A Definitive Guide to Revolutionizing Leadership Communication in the Corporate Landscape

Mirador Hotel, Andheri East, Mumbai – December 16, 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm (Invite Only Event)

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 11: Amit Khanna, a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience spanning nearly two decades across diverse corporate landscapes, is poised to unveil his highly anticipated masterpiece, “Corporate Circus,” at a distinguished book launch event on December 16. The event is scheduled to take place at the upscale Mirador Hotel in Andheri East, Mumbai.

“Corporate Circus”: A Blueprint for Leadership Excellence

Derived from Khanna’s rich corporate journey, “Corporate Circus” boldly addresses the formidable challenges confronting leaders and seasoned professionals as they navigate the path to leadership excellence. Khanna advocates for a departure from traditional practices, urging professionals to embrace dynamic leadership communication strategies.

Central to the ethos of “Corporate Circus” is a profound maxim: “IT’s NOT What you say or How you say – IT’s HOW YOU MAKE ME FEEL IS IMPORTANT.” Khanna articulates the critical need for leaders to create secure, growth-centric environments, fostering mutual respect and understanding within their teams.

In a corporate arena characterized by human intricacies and diversity, Khanna delves into the nuanced art of understanding others. He asserts that effective communication transcends individual skills, emphasizing the imperative of comprehending others’ perspectives deeply.

“Corporate Circus” transcends theoretical discourse, offering a compelling array of testimonials from a diverse array of individuals spanning industries and geographies. These testimonials vividly illustrate the tangible impact of Khanna’s teachings, providing readers with a real-world glimpse into the practical application of the book’s transformative strategies.

What Inspired “Corporate Circus”?

Having navigated the corporate world for nearly two decades across seven countries, Amit Khanna identified a recurring theme – the corporate world as a circus. In “Corporate Circus,” Khanna draws on his rich experience to guide readers through the complexities of the corporate landscape, offering insights into leadership, communication, and the dynamics of human interaction within the corporate circus.

Structured as a 60-Day Journey

Distinguishing itself from conventional guides, “Corporate Circus” introduces a revolutionary 60-day implementation plan. Khanna meticulously guides readers through a structured week-by-week journey, encompassing critical facets such as body language, voice clarity, written communication, storytelling, presentations, meeting mastery, and conflict management.

Beyond theoretical paradigms, “Corporate Circus” elevates itself by providing practical resources. Khanna supplements insights with YouTube links, key takeaways, action items, and downloadable bonuses, empowering readers to forge effective communication habits that transcend geographical and organizational boundaries.

Khanna’s personal narratives and experiences are pivotal, infusing “Corporate Circus” with relatability. By candidly sharing failures and lessons learned, he instills authenticity, ensuring the book is not merely a theoretical guide but a genuine and implementable toolkit for professionals.

Direct Mentorship from Amit Khanna: Elevate Your Corporate Game

The grand book launch event on December 16 at Mirador Hotel, Andheri East, promises an immersive and enlightening experience. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to connect directly with Amit Khanna. Moreover, pre-orders come with exclusive bonuses valued at Rs. 12,900, including a Time Management session and guides on office politics.

Post-launch, Khanna is committed to engaging with readers through personalized video submissions, providing hands-on guidance on body language and voice. The book also boasts additional bonuses valued at Rs. 32,000.

About the Author: Amit Khanna

Amit Khanna, an International TED Speaker, Thought Leader, and Mentor, brings a wealth of experience from leading global accounts and managing diverse teams. His commitment to excellence in leadership and communication is reflected in his magnum opus, “Corporate Circus.”

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