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Ace The Weight Management Goals: Achieve Ideal Fitness with The Ketogen Lean Smoothie

September 16: Weight Loss seems impossible for many, and somehow a lot of people can get away with anything they eat and stay slim. There are several factors which contribute to weight gains, like a sedentary lifestyle, gut health, metabolism, stress, diseases and hormonal disbalance.However,the most important is the dietary choices. We are spending on unhealthy dietary items, but as Bethenney Frankel quotes, “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments”.

Fixing your nutrition not only helps with weight loss but improves your overall health, so here we are going to talk about a sustainable way of improving health and stepping up in the journey of weight loss. Let’s introduce you to one of the Ketogen Superfoods- Lean Smoothies that is based on Ayurveda and Science and is becoming India’s 1st choice for health enthusiasts.

What is it?

Ketogen lean smoothie is loaded with herbs and protein, which promote weight loss and improve digestive health. It’s a plant-based smoothie sweetened with natural stevia and cinnamon that contains vitamins, minerals and good carbs and fat, which can work as a meal replacement drink.

Let’s dive into the ingredients. It is packed with essential herbs.

How Ketogen Lean smoothie is the first choice for health enthusiasts?

It is easy to consume and can fulfil your diet needs in a superior way. Ketogen Lean Smoothie helps you lose weight by keeping you full for longer. It suppresses cravings and improves digestion. The ingredients help muscles and detox the body. It is a good diet supplement to improve your overall health. It is recommended as a meal supplement to replace one of the three meals of the day.

Benefits of including Lean smoothie in your diet:

  1. It supports digestion

Contains high fibre content that helps to reduce constipation and toxins in the colon, which will help boost your immune system and overall health.

  1. It helps to  curb hunger pangs

Resist the urge to binge with Ketogen Lean Smoothie. This delicious and low-calorie formula wards off hunger pangs and reduce cravings so you can enjoy a smaller meal.

  1. No added sugars

The lean smoothie will satisfy your cravings in the most delicious way possible. There are no added sugars—we sweetened it with stevia instead.

  1. It boosts metabolism

It includes a potent mix of rare herbs and essential vitamins that can boost your metabolism and encourage weight loss.

In addition, it has:

1.No Gluten

Gluten is found in wheat, which triggers many diseases, and people are being aware of the benefits of gluten-free products. And lean smoothies have no gluten, which makes you lean faster.

2. No lactose

Many people are lactose intolerant, and Lean smoothie is without any milk products but a combination of herbs which helps you to give you a better shape.

3. No added sugar

Sugar causes weight gain, but Ketogen Lean smoothie is sweetened by stevia, which is a natural herb and substitute for sugar.

Our favourite recommended recipe Plant Based Vegan Lean Smoothie:


> One scoop of Lean smoothie

> One cup of banana

> One tbsp chocolate

> One glass of milk

> Ice cubes


  • Blend all the above-mentioned ingredients.
  • Top it with cranberries.
  • Serve and enjoy it chilled. 

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