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Walnuts demands increase this festive session, Chilean walnuts ruling the market

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New Delhi (India), October 05: Research says that Walnuts are useful for the recovery and prevention of Covid-19 and have reportedly been high in demand. Walnuts are nuts rich in antioxidants, omega 3 acids and a good source of protein and vitamin B. These walnuts have recently found a good rise in demand where people have started consuming walnuts in a good quantity. People have found to pay a good amount for the best quality of Walnuts and have stopped compromising in the pricing of the products; this also has shown a rise in the increase of sales of Chilean walnuts, and slowly Californian walnuts have started losing its charm. Chilean walnuts are said to be the best quality globally, and consumers have started a high buying of the same. Alongside, walnuts are also beneficial in re...