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Faizan Mirza speaks about the development of the nation under Hon’ble Sharad Pawar, NCP and a lot more

National, Press Release
October 05: Interview Q: Tell us something about your family and early life? A: I come from a business family, and I lived my life happily before I joined NCP. I was living as an industrialist. I am from a very well to do family and a very cultured family. But after I joined NCP, I learnt the importance of social work. Q: What inspired you to join Politics, especially NCP? A: During my college days, I have seen Sharad Pawar working for people at the age of 75. I was inspired by his work ethic and energy. The fact that a 75-year-old man stands and works for the poor people and farmers against such a Hitler regime is a matter of inspiration for young people like us, and it is not appropriate for young men like us to stay at home. Also, I started taking an interest in social welfare and c...