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Bollywood’s New “Ek Psycho Killer”

Ek Psycho Killer (2023) Movie Synopsis

New Delhi (India), June 3: Ek Psycho Killer is a Hindi Thriller, Suspense, Mystery film released on 05 May 2023 on YouTube/Trust8Motivation.

Cast & Crew

Paramjit Singh Sidhu has written and directed the film. He also played a Lead role in the film. Let’s see that along with acting, Paramjit Singh Sidhu is also able to become a successful Director.

Paramjit Singh Sidhu is going to show his amazing acting in the film, and with him, Punjab’s best Actress, Kamal Atwal, is going to be seen in the lead. And Ek Psycho Killer Movie has other lead actors who have given life to the movie, like Monu Sidhu, Ashish Mattu, Sahil Attri, Kashmir Jaito Sarja, Gopi Sidhu, Gursewak, Sharan Batala,  have played supporting roles.

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Ek Psycho Killer Movie Produced by Monu Sidhu

Movie Plot

‘Ek Psycho Killer’

Paramjit Singh Sidhu Plays the Role of  Vishu, who has lost half of his memory because someone attacked him, but now he has come to know what was done to him. 


Currently, the movie has got a very good rating from IMDb. 

Ek Psycho Killer Movie, made on a low budget, has a rating of 8.8, which is a great achievement.

Production & Location

The movie is made under Trust8Motivation Production.  

Ek Psycho Killer movie has been shoot mostly in Punjab, India, including Amritsar, Chandighar, Batala, & Jaito Sarja. 

Movie Name Ek Psycho Killer 
Movie Genre Thriller, Suspense, Mystery 
Directed by  Paramjit Singh Sidhu 
Produced by Monu Sidhu
Star Cast 


Paramjit Singh Sidhu, Kamal Atwal, Monu Sidhu, Ashish Mattu, Sahil Attri, Kashmir Jaito Sarja, GopiSidhu, Gursewak, Pamma, Sharan Batala,
Releasing Date  05 May 2023 
Rating IMDb 8.8
Cinematography  Sehaj Sidhu, Gursewak

About Paramjit Singh Sidhu

Paramjit Singh Sidhu is an Indian Actor who primarily works in the Punjabi & Hindi film industry. The Actor who made his debut with Overage (The Story of A Teacher) (2022) has worked in several popular films like Gunga Pehlwaan (2022), Koi Sath hai (2021), Dushman – 2023 (2023). His 2023 releases include Thriller Movie Ek Psycho Killer.

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