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Mr. Ramesh Khandelwal recently bagged the Integrated Achievers Award for Industry Development 2022

The 14th National Conclave & Awards on Building New India 2022 was held at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi

-The Award was presented by Housing and the urban affair minister Shri Kaushal Kishore

Mr.Ramesh Khandelwal, Chairman of Khandelwal Group based in Jaipur is an industry veteran in the field of revival and turnaround of economically distressed business units and has made significant value addition to the Indian Banking and Financial market with his master’s financial consultancy and management advisory services.

Mr.Khandelwal serves his clients under his flagship professional entity of the Khandelwal group named M/s Ramesh Khandelwal & Associates founded two decades ago and today has established a service network across major cities of India including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai, Ludhiana, Guwahati, Pune. 

He holds a Doctorate in Business Management from the Open International University for Complementary Medicines in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Under the skillful guidance of Chairman Mr. Ramesh Khandelwal, the firm is efficiently serving its purpose of guiding business communities, establishing growth strategies and navigating them in the Indian dynamic financial market.

Mr. Khandelwal and his firm are consciously active in the management of collapsed commercial units by advising efficient turnaround strategies on debt recast, and take-overs and recommending cost-cutting measures by converting high-cost debts into low-cost debt.

The ardent ideology for value generation based upon morals of accessible, affable, agreeable, and economical has received value appreciation among the corporate clients and management top executives.

His institution is all about advisory and intermediation services such as humongous turnkey project funding, the formulation of core capital structures for new projects and expansion, debt management solutions, and raising institutional funds through strategic investor/private equity mediums.

Since its inception, the group has assisted in many industrial spheres with its expertise and all-around support in the field of finance, including corporate companies in different verticals like manufacturing, service, real estate groups, hospitality, and educational establishments, irrespective of scale, including the SME sector.

Mr. Khandelwal is well renowned for his brilliant ideas to assist distressed units in seeking strategic investors and potential buyers of non-core assets, as well as in restructuring finances through private equity placement and helping businesses to plan expansion and growth.

Over the course of 25 successful professional careers, he has had the opportunity to work with over 200 industrial enterprises of varying sizes and volumes. In this era lined with financial decisions he has assisted to secure money for entities aiding in their long- and short-term strategic goals, may it be from banks, other financial organisations, or international borrowings.

On the social front, Mr. Khandelwal is persistently involved in a wide variety of social welfare programmers, such as granting scholarships to mentally and physically challenged students in order to help them achieve equal involvement in society and end discrimination. He additionally provides financial assistance in a variety of educational domains to promote our children and raise the leaders of the next generation.

Apart from this, he is a major donor to the Khandelwal Samiti Mandawar Mahuwa Dist Dausa, Rajasthan and is actively sponsoring various district-level social events for the betterment of local communities. He also serves as a lifetime trustee of ‘Khandelwal College, Jaipur.’ 

Recently Forbes India, an International Magazine, featured Mr.Ramesh Khandelwal as a renowned consultant for his specialty in the revival of damaged and ailing units, highlighting his immense contribution to the Indian financial industry in its 7th July 2021 edition.

Other awards received by him for his tireless service to his fraternity:-

 1. Awarded as ’RASHTRIYA UDYOG RATNA AWARD ‘in 2009, 

 2. ’INDIAN ACHIEVERS AWARD for Industry Development in 2014

 3. ‘Awarded Gold certificates by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India for being named among highest income tax payer individual of the country from the past 4 years